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We are an EARPLUGS company with different approach to functionality and DESIGN, our product has unique looks and excellent sound-insulating properties.


Use them as you wish, we simply have some idea already.

when you feel like reading, napping, or simply need some quiet

when you need a moment of peace, or have problems falling asleep in a noisy environment

when you need to concentrate on tasks which require calm surroundings and your attention

in addition to their sound insulating properties, our earplugs reduce ear pain during takeoff and landing

our earplugs significantly reduce wind noise when riding

PROPERTIES. Made from soft, washable, hypoallergenic silicone. Hard-wearing for long-term use. Comfortable even when worn for long periods. Thanks to their special construction, the earplugs adapt themselves to the shape of the user’s ear canal. They reduce noise by 27 DECIBELS, or about 30% of the noise in a typical passenger airplane cabin. They REDUCE EAR PAIN caused by pressure changes during takeoff and landing, and significantly reduce wind noise when riding motorcycles or other noisy, high speed vehicles. A conveniently sized aluminum carrying case included with your purchase ensures safety and hygiene when the earplugs are not in use.


Discover more details and information about our product in the language, you preffer.

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